Australian Federal Election 2019

34311-Fed-election19-edm.pngTens of thousands of Australian young people with complex and severe mental ill-health are unable to gain access to the specialist clinical services they desperately need. Known as the ‘missing middle’, this group of young people who are too unwell for headspace primary care but are unable to get access to the quality specialist services that they require.

“There is a rising tide of unmet need for mental health care for young people,” Professor Patrick McGorry, executive director of Orygen said.

“These young people are losing their futures, and in a growing number of cases, many hundreds each year, their lives. It is devastating families, weakening our society and undermining our economy. This poll shows that Australians want to see the next Australian government address the neglect of young people with complex and severe mental illness are experiencing.”

The cost of failing to effectively treat young people with more complex mental health issues can derail young peoples' lives and lead to lifelong poor health, social, education and employment outcomes. Preventive early interventions targeted to young people aged 12-25 has the capacity to greatly improve these outcomes.

We need to widen, deepen and adequately fund our mental health system to support these at-risk young people. You can help protect their futures, find out how.