Get involved

There are plenty of ways you can get involved and put youth mental health on the Australian politcal agenda.

Your voice is the most powerful tool you have. If you're comfortable, you might like to share a personal story about Australia's youth mental health system or why you believe the system needs to be widened and deepened. You can share your experiences on social media using the hashtag #youngfuturesmatter or send them to us. 

If you would like to be involved on social media, take a look at our social media toolkit. This will provide you with suggested posts and hashtags to get conversations flowing about Victoria's youth mental health system. Don't forget to include the hashtag #youngfuturesmatter and tag @orygen_aus!

If you would like to contact candidates directly, please take a look at our advocacy toolkit. This will provide you with a draft letter and some other resources you might like to send to your local candidates. Orygen have put together a list of candidates in each electorate and their contact details.

If you're unsure of your electorate or whether you are registered to vote in Australia, visit the Australian Electoral Commission website to find out.

Finally, make sure you follow Orygen on Facebook and Twitter so you don't miss a thing!

If you'd like to know more please contact Orygen's Communications team.