John Dongo
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John is a young Zimbabwean who is passionate about human capital development that is focused on the youth. He is also passionate about youth mental health and creating dialogue in conservative communities, bringing to the fore the effects that youth mental ill health has on community development. He is passionate about helping communities tailor solutions to the challenges of youth mental ill health that suit their local communities and contexts. He has worked in a range of youth programs including the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteering (WHV) program. He is an alumni of the PaNhari youth leadership and development program class of 2014 and an alumni of The Better Tomorrow Movements, Global Ambassadors, 2018 Summer Cohort. He is currently a member of the Global Shapers Community, in the Harare Hub. John is a Climate Reality Leader and a member of the Climate Reality Leadership corp. He currently works at STAR Leadership Academy, a leadership Academy based in Zimbabwe, whose aim is to raise the next generation of African Leaders.