Petula Frantz picture

    Petula Frantz

    Director, Finance

    BCOM, MCOM, MBA (Finance), CPA

    Petula Frantz has been the Director, Finance at Orygen since January 2012.

    Before joining Orygen, Petula has held senior finance roles in commercial and community government funded sectors.

    She has supervised teams of accounting, systems, and administration staff and led a number of projects to implement or enhance finance and accounting transaction and reporting systems. She has provided expert costing advice for a number of government tenders and provided key liaison with government contract managers.

    In past roles, Petula has also been responsible for the operational management of over 15,000 forensic Drug and Alcohol assessments per year, as well as managing the state brokerage drug and alcohol funding across more than 100 community health and drug and alcohol treatment providers in Victoria.