Associate Professor Sarah Hetrick picture

    Associate Professor Sarah Hetrick

    Senior Research Fellow

    DPsych, PGCertHSc, MA, BA

    Associate Professor Sarah Hetrick leads work on evidence-based practice with her primary research focus on investigating ‘what works’ to treat youth mental health disorders, particularly in the area of depression and suicide prevention.

    She is an author on a number of high quality systematic reviews, including Cochrane reviews, meta-regression and network meta-analyses. As part of this work she contributes as an editor for the Cochrane Common Mental Disorders Group. She has held an NHMRC training fellowship focusing on evidence implementation and has been involved in a number of projects to ensure real-world practice improvements to address evidence-practice gaps. This has included work contributing to clinical practice guidelines and other dissemination tools, and quality improvement projects in clinical services.

    Sarah is currently involved in a number of randomised controlled trials of interventions to treat depression and reduce the risk of suicide, as well as clinical trials investigating interventions for anxiety.  

    She works as a clinical psychologist in a headspace centre one day a week.

    Research Interests

    Depression, suicide prevention, evidence informed practice, health services evaluation