Victorian State Election 2018


There is a dangerous gap within Victorian's mental health system. Victorian young people with complex and severe experiences of mental ill-health are unable to gain acces to the specialists clinical services that they require.

“We are seeing a rising tide of preventable deaths and self-harm in this state,” Professor Patrick McGorry, executive director of Orygen said.

“There is virtually no pathway beyond the GP and headspace centres for tens of thousands of young
people with potentially serious mental illnesses. These young people remain untreated, with escalating
distress and risk, until they are forced to present to emergency departments in crisis, or they come into
contact with police and ambulance services."

Untreated mental health issues can derail young people’s lives and lead to lifelong mental and physical health issues, unemployment and homelessness. 

You can help mend this gap and protect young futures; click here to find out how.