7 Apr 2017

Australian Professor receives top US honour for his outstanding work in the field of Personality Disorders

Professor Andrew Chanen, Deputy Director, Research and Head, Personality Disorder Research at Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, has today been announced as the recipient of the 2017 ‘Distinguished Achievement in the Field of Severe Personality Disorders’ Award.

Professor Chanen was selected by the Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Centre at New York Presbyterian Hospital for his professional achievements in the field of Personality Disorders and in recognition of his advancement and understanding of and prevention and early intervention for borderline personality disorders in young people.

 ‘This award represents very welcome recognition that the challenges facing young people with borderline personality disorder are now ‘mainstream’ issues. Borderline personality disorder is among the leading causes of disability in young people, yet it has been marginalised and largely ignored by health services and policy planners’, says Professor Chanen.

Professor Chanen’s research, clinical and training interests lie in prevention and early intervention for severe mental disorders, principally personality disorders, along with mood and psychotic disorders. He has been the President of the International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders since 2011 and an Executive Board Member since 2003. He serves on the editorial boards of Early Intervention in Psychiatry, Psychopathology, Personality and Mental Health and is a reviewer for local and international scientific journals.

‘I hope that this award will give strength to the growing movement of researchers, clinicians, families and young people who are working to end discrimination and to deliver support and treatment for young people with borderline personality disorder. I am extraordinarily honoured to have been selected for this award and to be counted among the many previous recipients who have inspired my work, Professor Chanen says.

Professor Chanen is only the twelfth person to be honoured with this Award, and will receive it today at the Annual Conference of the North American Society for the Study of Personality Disorders.

New York Presbyterian is one of America’s most comprehensive academic health care delivery systems, consistently recognized as a leader in medical education, ground-breaking research and innovative, patient-centred clinical care.


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