Brigette Rose picture

    Brigette Rose

    Policy Analyst

    Brigette Rose is a Policy Analyst at Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

    Her experience includes advocating for better health outcomes, developing training regulations for a specialist medical profession and co-authoring a report on the potential impact of a federal human rights charter for Australia.

    Brigette Rose’s work history spans policy, legal and education development across mental health, psychiatry and nursing organisations.

    In her current role at Orygen, she drafts submissions and advice for governments and other bodies to highlight the need for quality youth-specific mental health care for young people across Australia. 

    In addition to her current role, Brigette has an interest in spending time outdoors, the environment and the law (she recently completed a Juris Doctor). She is also passionate about human rights, particularly those of refugees and asylum seekers.