The Mello project 

Primary Investigator: Professor Mario Alvarez-Jimenez
This study will evaluate a new smartphone app developed by researchers and psychologists at Orygen Digital called ‘Mello’. 

The app is designed to help young people with depression and anxiety by giving them access to tools to deal with negative thoughts and emotions in real time.

This study aims to understand experiences with Mello and see if it helps with symptoms of depression and anxiety. The findings will be used to improve the Mello app, and treatments for depression and anxiety in young people more generally.  

What does the study involve?
Study participants will complete three online assessments, each lasting 1.5 hours over six to eight weeks. The assessments will be held over Zoom with a researcher and involve answering some questionnaires about recent mental health experiences. Half of the study participants will be randomly assigned to a group that receives access to the Mello smartphone app for six weeks, or a control group that does not access Mello. 

All participants will be reimbursed $45 for each of the three assessment sessions. Participants who receive access to Mello will be invited to an additional interview at the end of the study to ask about their experiences with Mello, which will be reimbursed an additional $30. 

Young people aged between 16 and 25 years who are currently experiencing depression and anxiety are invited to participate. 

Participation in the study is completely voluntary and Orygen researchers will ensure participants have all information about the study before they provide consent.

SEP v2.0 030921. UniMelb ethics approval 2021-22524-23319-3

This study is not currently taking any further participants.