• 'There’s No Place Like Home: Home Based Care in Early Psychosis'

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    This manual is aimed at mental health professionals working directly with young people experiencing early psychosis as well as individuals responsible for early psychosis service development. The purpose of this manual is to increase awareness of the role of home-based care within an early psychosis service and provide practical, real-world guidance on how to implement home based care.

  • 'Training Family Peer Support Workers in an Early Intervention Mental Health Service'

    Family Peer Support Work is a vital component of service provision in order to bring about better outcomes for young people experiencing mental health problems and their families. This facilitator's training manual describes training sessions, developed within the Orygen Youth Health Clinical Program, that have enabled family peer support workers to work alongside mental health clinicians in order to meet the needs of family members.

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  • 'What to Do? A Guide to Crisis Intervention and Risk Management in Early Psychosis'

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    This manual describes the key elements when responding to young people and their families during a crisis. A first episode of psychosis frequently presents as a crisis for a young person and their family, as it is a period often accompanied by emotional distress and impaired functioning.

  • 'Working it Out: Vocational Recovery in First Episode Psychosis'

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    The content of this manual has been derived from international evidence combined with many years of experience of planning, implementing and delivering early psychosis interventions to young people and their families. This manual presents evidence and clinical expertise to help services establish and implement a vocational recovery program with a practical focus.

  • 'Youth Participation in Early Psychosis'

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    Youth participation is a fundamental right of young people within youth mental health services, as it embeds young people in the decision-making processes of service development and delivery. Providing opportunities for young people to use their experience and skills to actively participate in mental health service design, improvement and delivery has significant benefits for providers and young people. It also helps to improve youth- centeredness and youth – friendliness of services and reduce stigma. In addition youth participation through a peer support program allows young people and their families/friends to benefit from the support of peers who have been through a first episode of psychosis.