Ask the person directly if they are thinking of suicide. Research has shown that there is no evidence that asking about suicide increases the likelihood of a person engaging in suicidal behaviour.

If you are worried or concerned that someone might be experiencing suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviour, here are some questions that you could ask:

You could also look at the person’s posts to specify exactly why you are worried about them. For example, in a direct or 'private message' you could say:

"I just wanted to check in, because you posted [this] and I am worried about you. It sounds like you might be feeling suicidal, is that the case?"

Don't let embarrassment or concern about offending or upsetting the person stop you from reaching out and offering help. There is no perfect or right thing to say to someone in these situations and it is better to make a supportive attempt to reach out than to make no attempt at all.

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