If you contact the person and they indicate that they are not at immediate risk of suicide, reassure the person that support is available and encourage them to seek professional help. Some examples of things you could do are:

If the person does not want help, respect what they tell you. If you feel comfortable, you could check in with the person to demonstrate that you care. For example, you could DM, text, or call them to offer support.

If they say “no”, it’s best not to pressure them. Don’t always expect a positive response and don’t take this personally; this person might be struggling to cope and may feel angry, upset or ambivalent. They may appreciate your help later, when they’re feeling better. If the person doesn’t want help, here are some helpful ways you can respond:

If at any time you think you might have said the wrong thing, don’t panic. Show that you care and that you can see that they are going through a tough time.

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