Interacting with others through comments and posts is a key element of engaging with others online. If you have made a 'post' that refers to suicide or suicidal behaviour, or you have shared or replied to a post that involves suicide-related content, it can be helpful to monitor your post regularly for unsafe or harmful comments (see below for examples of harmful comments).

If you do come across unsafe or harmful responses to your post, you should avoid arguing with other users in the comments section.

Instead you could consider doing the following:

Responding to someone who may be at risk of suicide can feel like a big responsibility. If you see a post that suggests someone may be at risk of suicide, you can find some tips on how to respond in the Responding to someone who may be suicidal section.

If you do come across suicidal content online, it’s important that you also look after yourself. Some helpful tips for looking out for your own wellbeing are available.

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