How are you doing, Jessie?

Recovery may not be the appropriate word for where I’m at the moment, and it’s a long fight, but I’m like ‘look how far I’ve come and look at the changes I’ve made for myself’.

Why do you say that?

I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, an eating disorder and psychosis, and I self-harmed, but I am very high functioning. I had thoughts of suicide for five or six years and have attempted suicide and been hospitalised several times.

I’m sorry to hear that… Is there anything that made those thoughts worse?

A combination of things including avoiding my problems, problems at home, academic pressure and exams.

How did you keep yourself safe?

It helped to talk to my friends who have had similar experiences and understood me. Work gave me a sense of purpose and made me feel good.

Did you ever talk to a professional?

Not at first but eventually I did. Good clinicians who take the time to understand and sit with me really helped my journey. They’ve also helped me gain practical skills to manage problems.

What else makes you feel good?

For me, giving back and making a difference for other young people or people generally is important.

That sounds really good...

Oh and of course my beautiful pets! Here, I’ll send you a pic…