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Understanding user-experience of a novel digital intervention for young people experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours

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Research interests of the research team offering the project

The Orygen Digital research program believes that all young people and families have the right to effective mental health care, without limits. Orygen Digital’s mission is to make all youth mental health services in Australia digitally enhanced within five years. Orygen Digital strives to achieve this through new methods and ways of working that harness technology, science and creativity to transform mental health care as we know it.

This project in particular provides an opportunity for the PhD candidate to be involved in a National Health and Medical Research Council-funded (NHMRC) randomised controlled trial (RCT) in youth suicide prevention that utilises Orygen Digital’s MOST platform.

Details of the project

The PhD candidate will be embedded within Associate Professor Simon Rice’s NHMRC-funded Affinity RCT. The Affinity RCT’s primary aim is to reduce suicidal thoughts and behaviours in young people aged 15–25 years with depressive symptomology. The intervention components are informed by the field-leading interpersonal theory of suicide (ITS), and the trial represents an opportunity to both validate and expand upon the theory, as well as support the delivery of the intervention. The PhD candidate will conduct a systematic review of theoretically relevant interventions, and undertake novel qualitative research with young people regarding their experience of burdensomeness and belongingness. The PhD candidate will also undertake validation of two recently-developed psychometric scales in a clinically relevant population, for the first time.

Project references

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  2. Bailey E, Rice S, Robinson J, Nedeljkovic M, Alvarez-Jimenez M. Theoretical and empirical foundations of a novel online social networking intervention for youth suicide prevention: A conceptual review. Journal of Affective Disorders. 2018 Oct 1;238:499-505.
  3. Bailey E, Robinson J, Alvarez-Jimenez M, Nedeljkovic M, Valentine L, Bendall S, D'Alfonso S, Gilbertson T, McKechnie B, Rice S. Moderated online social therapy for young people with active suicidal ideation: qualitative study. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2021 Apr 5;23(4):e24260.

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