About Us

About Us

Leading the revolution in youth mental health

We believe that all young people deserve to grow into adulthood with optimal mental health. Everything we do is focused on that outcome.

Most mental health disorders begin between the early teens to the mid-20s. One in five young people will have experienced a depressive episode by the time they turn 18. We believe in treating early and focusing on recovery. Pioneering reform to deliver real-world practical solutions. Never settling for anything less than what young people need and deserve.

Our research is world-leading, impactful and creates change. Working directly with young people, their families and friends, we pioneer new, positive approaches to the prevention and treatment of mental disorders.

We advocate. We make sure that policy makers understand the need and cost of mental ill-health in young people.

We educate. We use our research and evidence-based practice to develop innovative training programs and resources.

Our goal? To see young people with mental ill-health getting well and staying well. Now that’s a revolution in mind.

Our home

Our home is a true reflection of our leading role in youth mental health.

Purpose-built and co-designed with more than 160 young people, our Parkville facility allows for an integrated translational research institute and innovative platform for preventive clinical care in young people.

This world class building was made possible through the vision and support of so many. We are incredibly grateful to the Victorian Government, The Colonial Foundation, The University of Melbourne, the Australian Government and The Ian Potter Foundation. Your generous support and funding means we can do more for young people. Thank you.

Our structure

We are

  • A not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.
  • A charitable entity with Deductible Gift Recipient Status.
  • An approved research institute.

We’re led by a Board of Directors, chaired by Mr Alan Beanland. Board operations are informed and supported by an Audit and Risk Committee and a Scientific Advisory Committee.

Our Executive Director Professor Patrick McGorry leads the Executive, which is responsible for delivering our Strategic Plan and managing all aspects of our daily operations.


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