Research Leaders

  • Professor Patrick McGorry AO

    Executive Director
    Research Interests:
    Psychosis, mood disorders, service reform.
  • Associate Professor Rosemary Purcell

    Director, Research
    Research Interests:
    Mental health of elite sportspeople, clinical staging, early intervention to reduce forensic outcomes, physical health and physical activity interventions.
  • Professor Eóin Killackey

    Associate Director, Research
    Research Interests:
    Psychosocial recovery, functional recovery, service reform.
  • Professor Stephen Wood

    Head, Clinical Translational Neuroscience
    Research Interests:
    Neuroimaging and cognitive predictors of functional outcome, adolescent brain development, ultra high risk
  • Professor Paul Amminger

    Professorial Research Fellow
    Research Interests:
    Neurobiology, neuroprotection, low-risk interventions, ultra high risk for psychosis.
  • Professor Michael Berk

    Professorial Fellow
    Research Interests:
    Mood disorders
  • Professor Sue Cotton

    Head, Health Services and Outcomes Research
    Research Interests:
    First episode psychosis, personality disorder, bipolar disorder, substance abuse.
  • Professor Andrew Chanen

    Director of Clinical Services, Orygen Youth Health
    Research Interests:
    Personality disorder, mood disorders, psychotic disorders.
  • Professor Helen Herrman

    Head, Vulnerable and Disengaged Youth Research
    Research Interests:
    Vulnerable and disengaged youth, community mental health, mental health promotion.
  • Professor Barnaby Nelson

    Head, Ultra High Risk for Psychosis Research
    Research Interests:
    Ultra high risk for psychosis, prediction research, psychopathology and phenomenology, psychotherapy for psychosis
  • Professor Mario Alvarez-Jimenez

    Director, eOrygen
    Research Interests:
    Relapse prevention, psychosocial recovery, online interventions.
  • Associate Professor Christopher Davey

    Head, Mood Disorders Research
    Research Interests:
    Mood disorders
  • Dr Aswin Ratheesh

    Research Interests:
    Understanding the barriers to care for young people with bipolar disorders; improving psychological and pharmacological interventions for young people; understanding the relationships between bipolar disorder and substance use, depression and psychosis; as well as understanding the development of risk for serious mental disorders among teenagers.
  • Dr Kelly Allott

    Senior Research Fellow
    Research Interests:
    Psychosis, depression, cognition, functional recovery.
  • Dr Gillinder Bedi

    Head, Substance Use Research
    Research Interests:
    Drug and alcohol use, substance use disorders
  • Dr Sarah Bendall

    Senior Research Fellow
    Research Interests:
    Psychosis, trauma.
  • Dr Simon Rice

    Lead, Young men’s mental health work stream
    Research Interests:
    Young men’s and elite athlete mental health, social determinants, mood and anxiety disorders, e-mental health
  • Associate Professor Jo Robinson

    Head, Suicide Prevention Research
    Research Interests:
    Suicide prevention, online interventions.
  • Dr Lianne Schmaal

    Lead, Neuroimaging work-stream
    Research Interests:
    Neuroimaging, affective disorders, big data, machine learning
  • Matthew Hamilton

    Senior Policy Analyst and Lead, Health economics work-stream
    Research Interests:
    Computational modelling, economic evaluation, health system organisation and financing, preferences.