Relational formulation: understanding complexity

Relational Formulation: Understanding Complexity

This 2-day online workshop introduces a relational model of formulation for challenging and maladaptive patterns of behaviour.

Working with young people who are experiencing severe and complex mental health difficulties (including personality disorders and eating disorders) can be challenging for clinicians and multidisciplinary teams. These challenges can result in clinicians or teams feeling stuck, and to inadvertently colluding with maladaptive patterns. This two-day workshop will introduce a relational model to help reflect on, formulate and communicate such challenges, and promote more helpful responses to a young person’s systems.

At the completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • outline and describe a relational model for use in team discussions;
  • describe core relational concepts and reflect on their impact on clinician responses;
  • articulate helpful and unhelpful ways to respond in challenging situations; and
  • use a template for mapping relational patterns

Day 1 – Tuesday 22 October 2024

Day 2 - Wednesday 23 October 2024


The training will comprise didactic and interactive experiential sessions. The workshop will include PowerPoint slides, video clips, online documents, and both large and small group discussions. Regular short breaks will be included throughout the training.

Participants will need a computer, laptop or tablet with internet access and a working camera and microphone to take part in the workshop.

If you are unable to access any of the required equipment, or are unable to attend any part of the workshop, please let us know as soon as possible.

Pre-reading, handouts and the Zoom meeting link will be sent to participants via email prior to the workshop.