Employment and education partnerships

Employment and education partnerships

Employment and education partnerships

Youth is the critical period for educational achievement, learning vocational skills, and early employment experience and training. The majority of mental health problems develop during adolescence and young adulthood, which coincides with the critical phases for achieving education or employment goals.

Orygen has been working to improve education and employment outcomes for young people with mental ill-health since 2005 and has received numerous awards and recognition for its achievements in this area. Our team works closely with young people, education providers, employers and industry to develop and expand evidence-based programs that support young people to achieve their education, employment and career goals. 

Collaborating with Orygen researchers, clinicians, educators and policy think tank, the employment and education partnerships team contributes to research projects, service development activities and advocacy efforts to expand evidence-based employment and education programs that support young people with mental ill-health. 

Our team has extensive networks in education, employment and youth mental health with experience spanning employment services, career development, education and youth mental health. 

Orygen is a corporate member of the Career Development Association of Australia

Orygen established the Youth IPS Centre of Excellence in 2020. We work side-by-side with world-leading researchers, service providers, vocational specialists and young people to innovate and support services to implement and deliver high quality IPS.

If you are interested in partnering with our team or learning more about our services, please contact the Employment and Education team at [email protected] or the IPS Centre of Excellence Workforce Development team at [email protected].