Celebrating 30 years of leading the revolution in youth mental health

Celebrating 30 years of leading the revolution in youth mental health

11 October 2022

Over the past 30 years, Orygen has been working side-by-side with young people to revolutionise youth mental health.

We believe in treating early and focusing on recovery, to give young people hope and give them back the futures they deserve.

With the help of countless dedicated supporters and staff, Orygen has grown to be a world leader in youth mental health care, research and training.

None of this would have been possible without the brilliant young people we work with, their families and communities – you’ve challenged us and taught us so much over the last three decades.

Our work started at the Aubrey Lewis Unit with the formation of the Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre (EPPIC).

EPPIC revolutionised early psychosis treatment by humanising in-patient care and pioneering an early intervention approach involving families and carers as key pillars of recovery.

Since those humble beginnings, we have changed our name to Orygen, yet our commitment to providing world-leading mental health services to young people with a range of emerging mental health challenges remains the same.

Today we continue to innovate. Our Parkville headquarters has the largest concentration of youth mental health researchers, clinicians and educators in the world, all focused on integrating cutting-edge global research, policy and education with evidence-based clinical care.

Join us as we celebrate 30 years of Orygen by delving deeper into the following key aspects of the youth mental health revolution: