Tech win for Orygen Digital

Tech win for Orygen Digital

7 June 2022

Tech win for Orygen Digital

Connecting young people with digital therapy alongside face-to-face care in youth mental health services has helped Orygen win a Technology Innovator of the Year award. Orygen Digital has been recognised at the recent ConnectingUp, Infoxchange Group not-for-profit technology awards for its work in developing and rolling out MOST – our digital therapy platform that’s now supporting young people in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

Orygen’s Chief Information Officer David Cooper was at the awards and says the recognition acknowledges Orygen’s work in building innovative products that reach young people through the channels they prefer.

“Technology has been pivotal in the way we've engaged, particularly over the last two years during COVID, and we also know young people want to be communicated with through the channels they prefer, which is digital,” he says.

“I think it's really important that we show the technology strength that we have at Orygen. And it also shows that we're listening to young people in that they want digital experiences and we're delivering to their needs.”

The award is a first for Orygen in the technology space and recognises the development and roll out of this unique digital mental health approach.

MOST offers self-directed therapy, online forums moderated by clinicians and peer workers, career counselling and one-on-one professional support, so young people can find practical strategies that work for them when and where they need them. And it’s delivered in partnership with participating youth mental health services.

Mr Cooper says recognition in the technology arena, as with the mental health sector, not only showcases our work with young people, but plays an important role in attracting talent to Orygen in a competitive recruitment market.

“It’s important that we replicate that in the technology arena, not only to give us some visibility across technology vendors, but also visibility around potential people that want to work for us in the technology space.”

This is the second award for MOST. Its contribution to improving the mental health of young Australians was also recognised with a The MHS Mental Health Service award for excellence, innovation and best practice in therapeutic and clinical services last October. The technology gong was shared with Justice Connect and Amplify Social Impact Online at the Centre for Social Impact.