9 October 2014

Orygen becomes National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

Orygen becomes National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health

We are delighted to be able to announce that on October 8, Orygen Youth Health Research Centre officially became Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

With an allocation of $18 million over the next four years from the Australian Government to allow the establishment of the new Centre, this investment will enable Orygen to consolidate and build on its decades of expertise and continue to deliver cutting edge research, innovative clinical services and evidence-based training to ensure that there is continuous improvement in the treatment and care provided to young people experiencing mental ill-health.

Speaking during the official announcement of the new Centre, Minister for Health, The Hon Peter Dutton MP, said that the $18 million funding provided by the Australian Government to establish the Centre underlined the Coalition’s strong commitment to finding new and innovative treatments for mental illness in young people, and reflects the importance of youth mental health in our community.

‘This centre will play a lead role in reducing the impact of mental health disorders in young people and enabling them to live fuller lives,’ Mr Dutton said.

‘The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health will be an important feature of Australia’s world-leading medical research landscape, ultimately, driving positive change for young Australians and their families.’

Professor Patrick McGorry AO, Executive Director of Orygen, responded, ‘The announcement of the Centre is a watershed moment as we move to a national mandate for Orygen. We’re focusing on new research, new treatments and new skills and knowledge for professionals working with young people around Australia. This investment and support for the Centre is a beacon of hope for young people living with mental ill-health. Drawing on a world-class collective intellect, we will provide practical and innovative treatment solutions to better the lives of young people now and well into the future.’