28 September 2016

Orygen's youth councils gather for their biannual face-to-face meeting

Orygen's youth councils gather for their biannual face-to-face meeting

Orygen’s Youth Advisory and Youth Research Council members from around Australia recently came together for their biannual face-to-face meeting in Melbourne.

It was a jammed packed weekend beginning with a meeting with Orygen’s  executive team for a chance for everyone to catch up on each other’s work and to discuss changes to the mental health landscape in general. There were workshops on developing various youth participation & engagement programs and work continued with the policy team on the development of a suicide prevention paper and the National Research Priorities Implementation Framework.

The media team worked in partnership with council members to plan the development of a tool to help other young people understand what research is all about, and why it’s great to be involved and Professor Eoin Killackey and the groups spent time talking about the role of virtual reality in the treatment and recovery of young people with mental ill-health.

Face to Face Moroccan SoupIt wasn’t all hard work though, there was some hoola hooping, a bit of snap chat and eating out at the Moroccan soup kitchen as well.

After evaluating processes and establishing an action plan, the groups left feeling re-energised, excited and ready for the next 12 months.