Dr Cali Bartholomeusz
Dr Cali Bartholomeusz picture
Senior Research Fellow

Dr Cali Bartholomeusz is a Senior Research Fellow and provisional clinical psychologist, and a leader in cognitive and neurobiological research within the Clinical and Translational Neuroscience Research program at Orygen. She holds an honorary position with Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre, Department of Psychiatry, at The University of Melbourne. She currently coordinates neuroimaging for several randomised controlled trials involving youth with psychosis and youth with borderline personality disorder.

Cali’s research is focused on improving our knowledge about the underlying brain mechanisms associated with psychosis and particular symptoms of psychosis, as well as how the brain responds to certain types of treatment in young people with mental illness. She is particularly interested in how the social brain and social cognition are impacted by mental illness. Social cognition is a domain of cognition that involves the perception, interpretation and processing of social information, encompassing beliefs, intentions, feelings and thoughts related to the self and others. Cali is using evidence from her neuroimaging research to inform development of a novel social cognitive intervention for aiding young people in their social and functional recovery.

She completed a PhD at Swinburne University of Technology, and since then has obtained a number of fellowships and project grants, mainly from the National Health and Medical Research Council, to support her work.

Research Interests

Psychosis, neuroimaging, clinical staging, social cognition and functional recovery