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Suicide prevention and social media

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Research interests of the team

The role of social media in youth suicide prevention.

Project details

The #chatsafe program was developed to support young people to communicate safely online about self-harm and suicide. The objective is to equip individuals with the skills and tools they need to keep themselves and their peers safe when sharing or viewing self-harm and suicide related content on social media.

Since the creation of the #chatsafe guidelines in 2018, #chatsafe also now comprises of a nation-wide social media campaign, as well as resources for parents and carers, educators and communities. Learn more about the #chatsafe program.

PhD applications are being considered for projects that explore the role of social media as a tool for suicide prevention. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • How young people identify and support peers at risk of suicide on social media.
  • The impact of exposure to self-harm and suicide related content by young people on social media and how young people respond.
  • How can social media form part of a postvention response.
  • Suicide bereavement and sharing grief online.

Relevant references

Read the relevant references on the research behind chatsafe page.