Case studies

Case studies

Orygen have developed a range of case studies highlighting good practice initiatives supporting student mental health and wellbeing within universities across Australia. To access each case study, click on the links below:

Deakin University

Holistic framework enhances campus life

Deakin Residential Services’ student experience framework and RESPECT Values help to create a supportive university community that enhances student connectedness and facilitates participation in university life, improving the mental health and wellbeing of on-campus residents.

Edith Cowan University

Community inclusion key to wellbeing

Edith Cowan University’s holistic approach to enhancing the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students allows the university to co-design and tailor initiatives that address their specific needs.

Flinders University

Wellbeing for success

Flinders University’s focus on providing programs and services that link optimal mental wellbeing to increased academic success supports students to develop mental health and wellbeing-related skills and competencies that prepare them for learning, their future careers and life.

James Cook University

Supporting social belonging among international students

James Cook University offers a range of accessible and appropriate services and supports that respond to the mental health and wellbeing needs and complexities of its international student cohort.

RMIT University

Building a roadmap to change

RMIT University’s whole of university approach is an example of the effective coordination of mental health strategies across the institution, acknowledging the key role all members of the university community play in supporting student mental health and wellbeing.

The University of Queensland

Championing mental health and wellbeing

The University of Queensland’s Mental Health Champions Network empowers the university community to employ strategies that support early help-seeking and good mental health and wellbeing, and enables ongoing engagement with learning.

University of Tasmania

Catalysing change and continuous improvement

The University of Tasmania’s continuous improvement approach to delivering suicide prevention initiatives within the School of Medicine is an example of effectively using information from students’ experiences and needs as data to build an understanding of what works for their mental health and wellbeing.

Western Sydney University

The power of partnerships

Western Sydney University’s partnership with Local Health Districts is an example of effective collaboration between universities and the mental health sector facilitating a joined-up approach to supporting WSU students’ mental health and wellbeing.