Help for young people navigating the mental health system

Help for young people navigating the mental health system

13 September 2022

New therapy content and activities are now available on Orygen Digital’s online service, MOST, to help young people navigate the youth mental health system.

The ‘Navigating the System’ content can support, empower and increase the autonomy of young people accessing help for the first time or transitioning between different levels of mental health care.

It acknowledges that the mental health system is complex to navigate, and seeks to normalise the difficulties young people face when accessing care.

The new content draws on research into the challenges young people face, their lived experience and the knowledge of clinicians. It also responds to questions young people want answered.

Orygen Digital Clinical Implementation Lead Katrina Lang said being able to access mental health support and knowing what to expect in therapy can be difficult for a young person.

“It can be overwhelming trying to navigate the mental health system, knowing where to go for help and how to ask for help. A lot of young people are on waitlists so they don’t know what to expect coming up to therapy,” Katrina said.

“The new content is a good tool to help them prepare and make sure that once they get into face-to-face care that there is an effective use of that space.”

The new content on the service, which was developed through collaboration with the Queensland Department of Health, acknowledges the challenges that come with getting help from an overburdened system.

“It can feel really confusing for young people because they might feel rejected from one system but there are multiple levels of care within the mental health sector,” Katrina Lang added.

“It’s just trying to find the right place that matches their needs to the level of care that’s required.”

Orygen Digital is the technology division of Orygen. Its work harnesses technology, science, and creativity to digitally enhance and transform mental health care.

MOST is available for young people aged 12 to 25 in Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. It offers self-directed therapy content, moderated community discussions, peer workers, career counselling, and one-on-one clinical support.

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