Global framework for youth mental health

Global framework for youth mental health

In May 2020, Orygen and the World Economic Forum launched A Global Framework for Youth Mental Health: Investing in Future Mental Capital for Individuals, Communities and Economies.

A summary of the project has been prepared by youth consultants and can be read here.

In order to promote the uptake and implementation of the framework, the project also developed a youth mental health advocacy toolkit and an investment framework.

The second phase of the project, in progress, is the implementation of the framework in select geographies, spanning low, middle and high-income resource settings. Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.


The global framework for youth mental health was developed using a combination of evidence reviews and consultations with young people, families, clinicians, economists, policy makers and others from North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

The framework is based on eight key principles that underpin an approach to youth mental health:

  • rapid, easy and affordable access;
  • youth specific care;
  • awareness, engagement and integration;
  • early intervention;
  • youth partnership;
  • family engagement and support;
  • continuous improvement; and
  • prevention.

Supplementary materials

The development of the framework and advocacy toolkit involved extensive consultation with young people, service providers, policy makers, researchers and thought leaders from around the globe.

Read the summary consultation reports:

Literature reviewed to inform the framework

Workshop invitees and attendees

Youth mental health case studies

Organisations consulted with during the project

We would like to thank the many young people, families, clinicians, service managers, academics, policy makers and staff working in international organisations who contributed to the development of the framework.

Youth engagement

Orygen and the World Economic Forum consulted with young people from around the globe about their views and perspectives on mental health. Between April and December 2019 the project team consulted with over 500 young people aged between 15 and 30-years-old from high, middle and low-resource settings.

The project team were able to seek a wide range of perspectives from young people in 50 different countries on what was important to their own mental health, what they thought about the proposed framework and the types of supports they would like to see being delivered locally.

Read the consultation report