Early Psychosis

Early Psychosis

The Australian Early Psychosis Program (AEPP) promotes the development and establishment of early psychosis services and build networks at both a national and international level.

AEPP has a particular focus on continuing to support the establishment of the headspace Early Psychosis. This involves supporting their ongoing establishment and scale up, along with expert technical and clinical advice to ensure ongoing quality improvements in service delivery.

AEPP activities can include providing latest evidence base workshops and forums to support the implementation of the EPPIC model (below) and its 16 core components. As part of this process, Orygen conducts fidelity assessments via a fidelity tool and assists with early psychosis guidelines and operational policy and procedures. AEPP supports an integrated and comprehensive service delivery model to improve mental health outcomes for young people and their families.

The AEPP hub has been developed for the use of headspace Early Psychosis programs. It provides access to a range of interactive online modules, discussion forums and a comprehensive range of resources.

If you work at a headspace Early Psychosis program you can arrange access via a login by contacting national programs on [email protected]

For all other program staff, Orygen have a range of early psychosis work resources available.