MOST for clinicians

MOST for clinicians

MOST is an on-demand digital mental health service for young people aged 12 to 25 who want choice and flexibility in when, where and how they receive mental health support.

You can connect a young person to MOST so they can get free support when they need it using any internet-enabled device. MOST is more accessible to young people, more quickly.

MOST supports young people while they're waiting for care, to augment their face-to-face sessions, and to use after discharge from a service. . It offers self-directed therapy, safe, moderated online forums, peer workers, careers counselling and one-on-one professional support.

A great aspect of MOST is that young people can access the platform at any time of day or night. So when services are normally closed, if a young person is struggling, they have the ability to log onto MOST and to be able to access helpful material whenever they would like.​

JESS, clinician



MOST in action

When young people first use MOST, they complete a survey about their interests and recent thoughts and experiences. MOST then suggests guided therapy ‘journeys’ for challenges like depression, anxiety, social anxiety, sleep and mental health in the context of COVID-19.

Personalised therapy journeys use cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), rumination-focused therapy, meta-cognitive therapy, mindfulness, self-compassion and social cognitive interventions. Journeys are broken into ‘tracks’ or modules consisting of activities, with the young person can work through at their own pace. Young people also have the option of connecting with a clinician on MOST who can guide and support them to use the therapy content and tailor it to their needs.

A toolkit of coping strategies supports young people to work through evidence-based therapeutic modules and collect helpful activities to store in their personal therapy library.

MOST also includes a moderated social network – a safe space where young people can opt to learn and share coping strategies and connect to young people going through similar challenges.

Download our MOST brochure for young people here.

MOST at a glance

Funding and supporting MOST

MOST is the flagship mental health service for Orygen Digital, the technology division of Orygen. Our work focuses on developing, evaluating and implementing digital interventions that enhance youth mental health and engage young people in their mental health journey.

In addition to the support of youth mental health services and lead agencies in each state, MOST is made possible with thanks to:

Orygen Digital would love to hear from clinicians about how we can best support your team. Contact us at [email protected].

What clinicians are saying about MOST

MOST has been the missing piece in our service. Offering young people evidence-based support online makes so much sense. It is meeting young people where they are at and making mental health care so much more accessible.

MOST Clinician


I think MOST complements the work we do quite well, and I think it will continue to keep that feeling of connection with clients between appointments, that’s what I’m hoping it will do. That continuity and giving clients a sense of autonomy in their care as well.

MOST Clinician


How can you work with MOST?

Just as MOST is flexible for young people, clinicians can also use it in various ways:

  • Leverage technology in your client sessions by working through and discussing MOST therapy content together.
  • Factor MOST content into a young person's discharge plan.
  • Encourage a young person to explore the resources in their own time.

Handover reports and safety

  • Treating clinicians are able to receive a handover report from MOST clinicians upon request. This report summarises a young person's engagement with MOST while they've been waiting for a face-toface therapy.
  • MOST clinicians can also notify a treating clinician if they detect a client's mental health is deteriorating.

Meeting young people on their terms

Young people want choice and flexibility in mental health support - they want to choose where and when they access it. They want to talk to real people while also accessing tailored information they can work through in their own time.

MOST can help clinicians deliver this kind of support.

It helps just enhance what a young person is already working on with their face-to-face clinician to help young people continue with their recovery and also prevent them from becoming unwell again.​

JESS, clinician


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