Let’s talk: youth mental health, culture and identity

Let’s talk: youth mental health, culture and identity

Awareness of the relationship between culture, mental wellbeing and service provision is an important component of mental health practice.

The Let’s talk: youth mental health, culture and identity podcast explores this relationship in an engaging way through interviews with young people and staff in the sector.

Professionals working with young people of multicultural backgrounds are encouraged to listen to the conversations and consider their own culture and its impacts, learn more about the experience for young people when engaging with the mental health service sector and continue to develop culturally responsive practice in their work.

Episode notes include a range of useful links to services and resources referred to in the podcast series plus further reading.

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This audio series is produced by Orygen, Australia's centre of excellence in youth mental health.

Introduction: Welcome to let's talk: youth mental health, culture and identity
The interesting and informative conversations in this series explores youth mental health and culture. and is designed particularly for the youth mental health workforce.

Episode one: How do culture and youth mental health interact?
In our first episode we begin to explore some large ideas including asking what is culture? And how do culture, mental health and identity intersect?

Episode two: Identity
This episode further explores the importance of identity for multicultural young people, families and communities in the youth mental health space.

Episode three: Core skills for clinicians
In this episode we hear from two experienced clinicians who share some of what they've learned through their work and some of the key skills for assisting multicultural young people in mental health settings.

Episode four: Intersectionality
In this episode we discuss intersectionality and how mental health workers and systems can assist vulnerable young people to improve their health outcomes and wellbeing.

Episode five: Community
Our three guests in this episode are all young people with youth advisory or youth participation roles. We hear from W.Georges, Devika and TJ about their work in different community projects that build connection, trust and knowledge to support multicultural young people with their mental wellbeing.

Episode six: Trauma
This episode focuses on trauma, the importance of understanding trauma and ways to build safety and responsiveness in our work with young people and communities who have been impacted by trauma.

Episode seven: Teams and systems
In our final episode we discuss the importance of policy and the need to understand how complex and difficult systems can impact on the mental wellbeing of multicultural young people and families. We learn from the insights of our guests into the mental health system and ways to bring about change. We also discuss the joint policy work between Orygen and the Centre for Multicultural Youth and other organisations.