Implementing school-based mental health prevention programs

This toolkit provides information and practical tips about implementing youth mental health programs in schools.

Including student voices in school-based mental health programs

This toolkit provides an overview of the importance of including student voice in school-based mental health programs and what to consider for meaningful involvement in program design and rollout.

Youth peer work

A peer worker provides emotional and social support to others with whom they share a common experience. They focus on building a mutual relationship that fosters hope and optimism. By being able to provide genuine examples of overcoming adversities in their own journeys, peer workers can inspire empowerment and self-determination. Peer work aims to support recovery of a person’s whole life, inclusive of personal passions, social interactions, study and work. 

Supporting Youth Partnerships

Orygen’s Youth Partnerships in Research Toolkit was developed in partnership with members of the Youth Advisory and Youth Research Council to support people’s understanding of youth participation principles and practical ways to partner with young people in research.