Staying true: a plan to measure fidelity in the delivery of early psychosis services in Australia

This document begins the process of developing a measure of fidelity to the EPPIC model. It
will contain a brief overview of the concept of measurement of fidelity, a discussion of the
importance of fidelity, an examination of previous uses of fidelity measures in mental health
programs and a consideration of the ways in which fidelity can be measured. In the following
section a rationale will be described for the measurement of fidelity in the hYEPP services
and the question of what a good fidelity measure should do in this context will be addressed.
In the penultimate section discussion will focus on each core element and describe possible
approaches to the measurement of fidelity. Finally, the document will conclude with a plan
for the further development, trialling and refining of a tool to measure the fidelity of early
psychosis services developed under the present program.