EPPIC Model & Service Implementation Guide

This guide has been produced by the EPPIC National Support Program of the Orygen as a way to explain the Early Psychosis Prevention and Intervention Centre (EPPIC) model and to assist services when thinking about and planning for the implementation and provision of an ongoing EPPIC service.

The philosophy, aims and comprehensiveness of the model, along with a detailed description of each of the core components is provided. In particular, there is discussion about the four critical factors that are essential not only for the successful implementation of an EPPIC service, but also for sustaining one.

While each of the core components can be read separately it is important to note that the EPPIC model can only exist when all of the core components are provided. They also interrelate, so it is only when each of these core components are in place that an integrated and comprehensive service can be provided and achieve fidelity to the EPPIC model.Included in the discussion on each of the core components are the opportunities and factors that facilitate success, as well as the challenges and enablers that can help in meeting both the service level and clinical level issues that may arise.

There is a section on scaling up of services, as this can be one option to assist after initial implementation.Clear detail is provided of all of the EPPIC standards, and these are divided into three groups. The first of these are the minimum essential or ‘given’ standards that will occur when implementing the model with the core components. The next are the secondary standards that need to be achieved, and the third are the guidelines that also incorporate the Australian Clinical Guidelines for Early Psychosis (2nd edition). By services taking note of and achieving these standards, fidelity to the model should be reached.

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