Research bulletins

Research bulletins

Does gatekeeper training prevent suicide in young people?

Comprehensive suicide prevention programs often include gatekeeper training as a core component of a multifaceted approach. Evaluations of gatekeeper training have largely focused on the impact on gatekeepers, rather than on preventive effects for the targeted population. Evidence exists for the acceptability and efficacy of gatekeeper training across a broad range of settings for improving the knowledge, attitudes, self-efficacy and perceived competence of gatekeepers in the short-term. The impact on help-seeking and suicidal behaviours is less clear and it is important to examine whether gatekeeper training does indeed have an effect on the suicide risk and behaviours of the people the intervention is ultimately targeted towards. This research bulletin summarises findings from controlled trials that have investigated the impact on suicidal behaviours in young people following the delivery of gatekeeper training.

Family-based interventions in reducing suicide-related behaviours in young people

Clinical approaches to reducing self-harm and suicide-related behaviours in young people usually focus on the individual young person; however, therapies that involve their family can also play a role. 

Learning to live: what works in youth suicide prevention in educational settings?

This research bulletin summarises findings from research studies and reviews that have focussed on intervening in educational settings in order to prevent youth suicide.

Self-harm and young people

Self-harm among young people is a complex and significant public health issue. Despite considerable research investigating the characteristics, reasons and motivations for self-harm, it is a behaviour that remains largely misunderstood and highly stigmatised in the community. Young people experiencing mental ill-health are a group at increased risk of engaging in self-harm, yet little is known about effective therapeutic interventions. This research bulletin summarises findings from recent literature and identifies opportunities both in clinical practice and research to develop and trial new therapeutic approaches.