What is trauma-informed care and how can I help implement it in my organisation?

Trauma-informed care is often defined as a set of principles and can seem conceptual rather than practical. Consequently, it may be difficult to visualise what trauma-informed care looks like in practice or what it means to individual organisations. This tool kit will help you put the core concepts and principles of trauma-informed care into practice in accordance with your organisational values, needs, and service structure.

Implementation of these core concepts and principles may happen in different ways depending on your organisation’s specific needs. This tool kit will guide you through some of the key aspects to consider before, during and after implementation; it will give you a platform for discussion of implementation; and help you reflect on what your organisation is already doing and what further action could be taken.

This tool kit is relevant to all staff (e.g. administrative, management, and clinical staff) working with young people (aged 12–25) in emergency services, child and adolescent services, primary care, outpatient/community-based mental health, and counselling services.