The digital age: Does digital technology work in youth mental health settings?

Young people are undoubtedly more connected to each other through digital technology than ever before thanks to the emergence of regularly and easily accessible mobile phone and tablet device use. Young people born after 1995 – sometimes called Generation Z and/or digital natives – have never known a world without mobile phones or an internet connection. It’s the way in which young people are most used to connecting, so it makes sense for clinicians to link digital technology to the mental health of young people in some way.

This clinical practice point will review some of the literature available for using digital technology in mental health clinical work – a practice known as e-mental health. It provides some practical tips for clinicians and professionals working with young people struggling with mental ill-health.


Want to know more?

Orygen have also produced a webinar on the impact of social media on the developing brain and a factsheet on social media and youth mental health.