Regular giving service agreement

Regular giving service agreement

By committing to make a monthly or annual donation, you authorise Orygen, ABN 85 098 918 686 to arrange for funds to be debited from your bank account or credit card at your financial institution and as prescribed through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) or recurring payment scheme. You authorise Orygen to verify the details of your bank account or credit card with your financial institution, and your financial institution to release information to Orygen to verify your bank account or credit card details.

Orygen will also use third party service providers to facilitate your payments, including Bambora, PayPal, Blackbaud Merchant Services and Stripe and you authorise Orygen to provide your information to these providers for this purpose.

You must pay the Debit User (Orygen) when due under the arrangement between us. This authority with the terms described in the service agreement below is to remain in force until revoked by either yourself or Orygen.


We will:

  • keep information confidential, except where permitted by law or required for conducting direct debits or recurring payments with your financial institution and for a related query, dispute or claim;
  • confirm the details of the debit arrangement prior to the first debit and advise the commencement date of the first debit;
  • debit your nominated financial institution account or credit card on the first or fifteenth (or the next business day), of each month;
  • we may reattempt an unsuccessful transaction within 15 days of the original debit date;
  • give you at least 10 days notice before we change the terms of the debit agreement; and
  • act in accordance with the legal processes governed by the associated credit card scheme or BECS regulations.


It is your responsibility to:

  • ensure your nominated bank account or credit card can accept direct debit or recurring payments as this service may not always be available. If unsure, ask your financial institution;
  • ensure there are sufficient clear funds available in the nominated account to meet each debit on the due date as you may otherwise incur a fee from your financial institution;
  • check your nominated account statement to ensure that the funds debited from your account are correct;
  • advise us at least fourteen working days prior to the debit date if the nominated account is transferred or closed, the account or credit card details change, or if you would like to defer, cancel or alter the arrangement;
  • you can do so by contacting us on 1800 ORYGEN (1800 679 436) or email us at [email protected].


If you believe that a debit has been initiated incorrectly, please contact Orygen on 1800 ORYGEN (1800 679 436) in the first instance rather than your financial institution so that we can attempt to resolve the issue. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you can still refer it to your financial institution.

You will receive a full refund of the debit amount if we cannot substantiate the reason for the debit.


You have the right to cancel, defer or make alterations to your gift arrangement at any time by contacting Orygen on 1800 ORYGEN (1800 679 436).

Changes may take up to five working days to be actioned.


Yearly tax receipts are available on request by contacting us on 1800 ORYGEN (1800 679 463) or emailing us at [email protected].

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.


Orygen is committed to protecting your privacy. Orygen collects personal information about you in order to accept and process your donation, as set out in this agreement. Orygen will also use your personal information to provide you with updates in respect of Orygen’s activities and the impact of giving to Orygen, and, unless you opt out or unsubscribe, contact you in the future with fundraising campaign information and provide you with donation information via any medium. From time to time, we may share your information with other charities including charities located outside Australia. Failure to provide personal information may result in Orygen being unable to provide you with certain information and offers.

Our Privacy Policy contains information about:

(i) how we may hold, use and disclose your personal information;

(ii) how you can access and correct your personal information;

(iii) how you can lodge a complaint regarding the handling of your personal information; and

(vi) how any complaint will be handled by Orygen.

You may contact our privacy officer with any queries via email: [email protected] or mail: 35 Poplar Road PARKVILLE VIC 3052 or telephone: +61 3 9966 9504.

ABN 85 098 918 686.