Our services

Our services

Orygen’s employment and education partnerships team undertake a broad range of activities to support services working with young people with mental ill-health across Australia.

This can include advisory and consultation services, workforce development activities, participating in industry events, reference groups and steering committees and developing and delivering innovative projects to improve education and employment outcomes for young people. 

Examples of our work to support and engage the sector include:

  • advising on Social Ventures Australia’s Review online hub for youth employment providers project;
  • member of the Global Apprenticeships Network (GAN) steering committee;
  • key partner in VicHealth’s Staying on Track, Investor Forum and Bright Futures Collaboration workshops;
  • presenting at various industry events including Careers Week, National Skills Week, VECCI’s employer forum, Study Melbourne and Jobs Victoria networking and provider events;
  • speaking at a range of public hearings including the inquiry into sustainable employment for disadvantaged jobseekers, The National Youth Commission Australia (NYCA) inquiry into youth employment and transitions and the Inquiry into access to TAFE for learners with disability; and
  • undertaking consultations with international students and education providers across Australia to identify challenges relating to international student mental health and physical safety.

If you are interested in engaging our services or involving our team in an event, please contact contact us at [email protected].