Farah Ajeerah
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Farah Ajeerah

What is your specific area of interest in youth mental health advocacy?

Anti-stigma and public awareness advocacy.

why is youth mental health advocacy important to you?

Youth Mental Health Advocacy could help address mental health challenges among youth and help identify and intervene in issues at an early stage, preventing them from escalating into more severe conditions later in life. The chance to nurture mental health awareness and coping skills during the formative years can have a lasting impact on an individual's overall well-being and resilience as they transition into adulthood.

how would you describe mental health in your community?

In Brunei, mental health awareness and advocacy have been gradually gaining traction. Mental health challenges are recognised as significant concerns, like many other countries, with a growing emphasis on understanding and addressing these issues. The government has taken steps to address mental health issues, including the establishment of mental health services and awareness campaigns to promote open discussions about mental wellbeing. NGOs, mental health organisations, and community groups have been working to raise awareness about mental health and provide support. Initiatives may include workshops, seminars and campaigns.


Project #CintaMinda is a Malay phrase that directly translates to 'Project #LoveYourMind'. Project #CintaMinda aims to create a lasting positive impact on the mental health landscape among students and youth. The goal is to foster a culture of open dialogue, support and resource accessibility, leading to reduced stigma, increased awareness and improved mental wellbeing for young individuals.