Orygen Global aims to secure strategic partnerships with key national and international organisations which will support the implementation of new youth mental health initiatives.

Building on the expertise, knowledge and experience Orygen has gained in Australia over nearly three decades, Orygen Global works closely with partners to support youth mental health globally. Our partnerships with researchers allow us to generate and translate new, evidence-based knowledge of what works for whom in which contexts, and our work with community-based organisations enables us to contribute to better understanding of youth mental health in a range of contexts, particularly in low and middle-income resource settings.

We also equip young people around the world with new skills in advocacy and leadership so that they can become more effective changemakers in their communities.

Finally, our partnerships with global entities such as UNICEF, the World Economic Forum and United for Global Mental Health, and global networks such as the International Association for Youth Mental Health and the Global Mental Health Action Network, ensure that we are aligned with global efforts so that more attention and investment is given to youth mental health. We believe that a collaborative approach, grounded in partnerships, is the only way to address youth mental health on a global scale.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about working in partnership with Orygen Global.

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