Febry Utami
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Febry Utami

What is your specific area of interest in youth mental health advocacy?

Mental Awareness Advocacy, Suicidal Prevention Advocacy, Self-Advocacy, Anti-Stigma Advocacy.

why is youth mental health advocacy important to you?

Youth mental health advocacy deeply resonates with me, stemming from my personal journey. I've faced isolation and stigma, inspiring my mission to ensure no youth feels alone. I aim to raise awareness, fight stigma and build a supportive space where every young person's mental health is valued.

how would you describe mental health in your community?

In my community, mental health often exists in the shadows, veiled by stigma. Conversations are scarce and understanding is limited. Shedding light on this hidden struggle through awareness, conversations and accessible resources holds the power to ignite a more compassionate and enlightened approach to mental wellbeing.

Project Summary

One of the significant challenges I personally faced during my mental health journey was the overwhelming feeling of loneliness and the lack of someone to talk to who could truly understand my struggles. I believe this is a common challenge for many young people who experience mental health issues. To address this, my advocacy idea focuses on leveraging technology to provide accessible support and create safe spaces for individuals to share their experiences. I propose creating an AI mobile app specifically designed for mental health support in the Indonesian language. This app would incorporate AI chatbot technology but with a focus on providing conversational support and resources in Bahasa Indonesia. By offering mental health assistance in the native language, individuals would feel more comfortable expressing their thoughts and emotions, knowing they can communicate effectively and be understood.