Planning Jay Vynn Saw
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Planning Jay Vynn Saw

What is your specific area of interest in youth mental health advocacy?

Intergenerational Stigma Reduction Advocacy.

why is youth mental health advocacy important to you?

Advocating for youth mental health is deeply personal to me. I have heard stories from friends, family and strangers of their mental health journeys. It is a common challenge that permeates across our community, and we need to build the capacity of our youth to change the narrative of these stories.

how would you describe mental health in your community?

While there has been increased awareness and recognition of mental illness, it has been limited in scope and the proportion of young people experiencing mental illness has only risen. In our multicultural community, we are still grappling to integrate family culture and community into the wellbeing of our youth.  

Project summary

Intergen aims to dismantle the intergenerational stigma surrounding mental health within and across communities. Rooted in the belief that family, culture and social norms significantly influence an individual’s willingness to seek mental health support, Intergen addresses the foundational issue of stigma that often perpetuates misunderstanding and inhibits effective treatment.

The long-term impact goal is to create a community-driven, intergenerational dialogue that will reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues, thereby increasing the rate of mental health service utilisation across different age groups.