Raden Mas Muhammed Mukhriz
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Raden Mas Muhammed Mukhriz  

What is your specific area of interest in youth mental health advocacy?

Peer Advocacy, Legislative Advocacy, Support Groups, Social Entrepreneurship and Islamic-perspective Mental Health.

why is youth mental health advocacy important to you?

Imagine suffering life's hardships yet finding no one to help or understand you. Hence, I exist as a mental health advocate, committed to helping, empathising, and embracing resilience within individuals and the community. Becoming a good listener is arduous, yet the most noble and respectful act of kindness towards others.

how would you describe mental health in your community?

Mental health is an escalating struggle in a globalising community, marked by prevalent cases of emotional fatigue and various other mental health conditions. Concerns about risking one’s career deter those who seek professional help. Therefore, by fostering a ‘whole-of-nation’ collaboration and implementing impact-driven initiatives, we can dismantle the stigmas and myths linked to mental health in the predominantly traditional, religious and conservative community.


Through youth leadership and management, the Youth Advocacy for Support, Healing, Faith and Inspiration (YASHFI) project seeks to bring about a fundamental and lasting change in the mental health and wellbeing of Brunei Darussalam. The long-term impact goal is to cultivate a resilient, empowered and mentally healthy population that not only copes effectively with life's challenges but also thrives in their personal and professional lives. We aim to reduce the prevalence of mental health issues and ensure young people have the tools, support and inspiration needed to succeed and contribute positively to society.