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Mi Mi

I hold a Bachelor of Honors in Psychology from the University of Yangon and at present, I am working as a freelance mental health practitioner.

After experiencing difficulties with my own mental health, I came to the realisation that many young people, including myself, are susceptible to mental health issues. However, mental health is not given the same importance as physical health within the ASEAN region, and there is also stigma surrounding it. As a result, individuals hesitate to seek help and try to manage their mental health problems on their own, which can sometimes lead to tragic outcomes. Therefore, it is essential to promote and prioritise youth mental health in order to foster a supportive and resilient community.

My project focuses on raising awareness of suicide prevention and mental health stigma among young people utilising social media platforms with the ultimate goal being to normalise help-seeking behaviour.

This will be achieved by providing materials such as infographics, newsletters and articles as well as organising regular workshops. Individual counselling will also be offered to those struggling with suicidal ideation or mental health challenges.

The short-term goal for the project is to help young people come to recognise the risks, signs and symptoms associated with suicidal ideation as well as dispel misconceptions and stigma associated with speaking out about mental health challenges. The aim is to make young people aware that seeking help or support is normal behaviour and that there are resources available to support them.