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I am a dance artist/mental health community group co-founder who cares about mental health because I know how painful it is to have mental health issues. I want to make a change in the community that I live in by elevating the lives of people living with mental illness and enabling everyone to access mental health care.

I have a hypothesis that if people move more, this will have a positive impact on their mental health. My project focuses on art, dance, music and sport. It has been informed by my involvement in mental health promotion and intervention as part of the We Care for Everyone project in my home country. I have observed that young people have an inactive lifestyle, and spend more and more time on social media. 

In particular, I have seen first-hand the positive impact of movement when working with a person with significant disabilities who was also suffering with depression. In my work creating, educating and training for a dance performance piece, this person, who has since become a friend, felt meaningful, free, peaceful and happy. Now he is doing well and is a counsellor for people with disabilities.

My project is called Cheeveecheevaa – meaning ‘lively’. Its slogan is Be Your Own Therapist.