Su Htet
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Su Htet

I am a public health professional who is enthusiastically interested in working for community development and actively seeks new challenges and opportunities. Moreover, I am passionate in contributing to the areas that especially address critical issues affecting the youth community.

Nowadays, mental health issues are increasing more and more, especially among youths for many reasons. In addition, there is low mental health knowledge and engagement in the community, therefore youth mental health advocacy is vital to benefit the community.

My project focuses on enhancing youth empowerment and ensuring both sustainability and improvements with respect to mental health awareness in the youth community. In order to achieve this, three main methods will be utilised in my project: 

  • Promoting mental health awareness via interactive youth health talk and mental health workshops providing self-management and coping skills.
  • Strengthening the youth mental health network by creating joint activities with local youth non-profit organisations.
  • Maintaining and sustaining the mental health network system by recruiting and training peer volunteers and establishing effective communication by creating channels with local key stakeholders to enable further development.