Latest developments in anti-depressant medication use in young people (November 2016)

This webinar will look at the latest evidence on the use of anti-depressant medication in young people as well as considerations and explorations of the risks and benefits of anti-depressant medication use. The presenter will discuss anti-depressant prescribing in the context of comprehensive and holistic mental health care in young people.

Information in this webinar is current as at November, 2016.

Who is this webinar for?

Clinicians and researchers who work with young people in mental health services, primary care settings and other areas of health and human services.

What will you learn in this webinar?

The learning objectives for this webinar are to:

  • Understand the latest evidence on the use of anti-depressant medication in young people with depression

  • Understand the associated risks and benefits of anti-depressant use with young people 

  • Explore the role of anti-depressant medication within holistic care (i.e., combined psychotherapy and medication plus lifestyle strategies)

  • Understand how medical practitioners can maximise the effectiveness of anti-depressant medication when prescribing


Dr Christopher DaveyDr Christopher Davey, Psychiatrist and Senior Research Fellow, Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

Christopher Davey is a consultant psychiatrist at Orygen, where he leads a team of psychiatrists, psychologists, and other allied health professionals in the Youth Mood Clinic, which assesses and manages young people with severe and complex mood disorders. His research includes studying effective treatments for depression, and using neuroimaging to better understand depression and its treatment.

Chris completed his medical degree at the University of Western Australia, and trained in psychiatry in Sydney and Melbourne. He completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne, and since then has successfully obtained a number of fellowships and project grants.