#chatsafe: a young person’s guide for communicating safely online about self-harm and suicide

Orygen’s world-first guide for safe online conversations, #chatsafe, includes advice for young people about how to talk about self-harm and suicide safely on social media and other digital platforms.

Developed in partnership with young people, the guidelines are evidence-based and can assist anyone who is responding to suicide-related content posted by others or for young people who might want to share their own feelings and experiences with suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviours.

The second edition of the guidelines includes advice for young people on how to engage with potentially dangerous online games, challenges and hoaxes, and dedicated advice for influencers who create content related to mental health.

Originally published in 2018, the globally recognised #chatsafe guidelines have been translated into 25 languages and can be found in the safety centres of many major social media platforms.

To learn more about the development of the guidelines, please view the webinar presented by Dr Jo Robinson and Zoe Teh.

Visit the #chatsafe website here

#chatsafe global

Following the impact of the #chatsafe guidelines in Australia, Orygen has collaborated with a number of international organisations to release the #chatsafe guidelines in ten countries across the globe.

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