Digital mental health

Digital mental health


Orygen's digital mental health division, eOrygen, is driven by a mission to transform youth mental health care through engaging, evidence-based apps and the application of computing and data technologies to the domain of clinical psychology. The eOrygen team consists of clinical psychologists and allied health professionals, computing and information systems researchers, software developers, illustrators and professional writers, youth engagement staff and trained peer workers. The origin of eOrygen is its moderated online social therapy (MOST) project, which began in 2010. Beyond the by now well-established MOST web platform, eOrygen has started to work on several new digital mental health projects incorporating tools and technologies from artificial intelligence, ubiquitous computing and virtual reality.

Why is this research area important?

Long-term social and functional deficits are the most resistant to treatment, the most costly, and  improvements in  social and functional outcomes  are  the most valued by patients themselves.

Key questions 

- Can we extend the benefits of specialised early intervention services into the longer term through cutting edge social media and mobile technologies?
- Can we improve quality of life, social functioning and recovery in youth mental health through novel online social media and positive psychology interventions? 
- Can we provide in real-time, tailored, context-sensitive and effective support to young people through advanced mobile applications?

Research Leader

Research Interests:
Relapse prevention, psychosocial recovery, online interventions.